Our goal is to enable students to engage in practical experiences and to develop deepening dependency upon the Holy Spirit and proficiency in the use of their spiritual gifts. Practicum is required for Ministry students only, but is available to students in all degree programs.

What is Practicum?

The School of Extended Education at SEU believes that education must be integrated with practical hands-on experience. Students and the community in which the both are involved benefit from their service and Christian witness.

Our goal is to enable students to engage in practical experiences and to develop deepening dependency upon the Holy Spirit and proficiency in the use of their spiritual gifts.

Practicum is required for Ministry students only, but is available to students in all degree programs.


Care & Support

The goal of the Care & Support Department is to provide quality care and resources during various seasons of life. Students working with our department will embark on a journey of health and spiritual well-being and then learn various practical ways to make sure that others can start their own journey toward health and spiritual well- being.

Practical experiences include: participating in re:generation
(our support ministry for helping individuals go on their own journey of health and well-being), hospital visitation, supporting families in grief, working with our marriage ministry and learning what a healthy marriage looks like, and learning basic counseling skills.

Connections + Grow

These departments are responsible for the first impressions of our church, helping to assimilate guests, providing opportunities for growing in faith and in community, motivating and leading volunteers, and caring for our teams. Each of these pieces is vital to the growth of the church.

Practical experiences include: learning the “ins and outs” of each Connections team; attending all four weeks of Connect Track; learning the behind-the-scenes tasks necessary for successful weekend services; co-leading a group at a men’s or women’s Bible study; and, improving communication skills with adults and as leaders.


The Outreach/Missions Department is responsible for providing opportunities for individuals within the church to serve outside the church walls.  Our goal is to create awareness of the needs around us, and meet those needs through outreach events and serve trips.

Practical experiences include: assisting in community outreach events; organizing domestic and international serve trips; attending serve trip training meetings; and, helping to build relationships with local organizations.

Children’s Ministry

Hope Kids is a complex system of teams that work together to minister to children from infancy to 5th grade. We work to create environments that children want to attend and invite their friends to.

In this practicum students will learn the practical application of Children’s Ministry. Children’s ministry is the perfect place to develop a lifetime passion of serving Christ.

Practical experiences include: learning what it means to minister to children and how to connect to their parents; discovering the power of leadership; and understanding the importance of leading and investing in amazing volunteer teams.

Student Ministry

There are dozens of components that make up ministry with teenagers.
In this practicum students will be challenged to co-lead a small group, help coordinate and execute weekly services, develop public speaking skills, learn how to organize the people side of ministry, and how

to lead adult volunteers that are older than you. This practicum is for people who are eager to learn, ready to grow, and open to feedback.

Practical experiences include: helping the campus teams prepare for weekly services; coordinating and helping facilitate Sunday middle school groups; contributing to the planning of big events like retreats and big event Wednesdays; sitting in on youth staff meetings on occasion; and, learning the back end of running student ministry through service flows, volunteer scheduling, small group rosters, etc.

Young Adult Ministry

Hope YA is for Young professionals, aged 18-30, no matter their relationship status or career position. All are welcome to come experience worship, learn about God, and find new friends for this season of life. We are learning to love our neighbor as ourselves, give our lives away, wrestle with truth and fight the temptation to live life in isolation.

Practical experiences include: helping to create worship experiences, home groups, Bible studies, and social gatherings aimed at millenials; learning to research and execute ministry strategies aimed at reaching and discipling your target audience; developing and leading teams, and what it takes to run a thriving ministry.


The Worship Department exists to assist and lead people in worship and prayer in gathered worship. With our eye firmly on spiritual formation, we want to help people grow in their connection with God and expression towards Him in view of who He is and what He has done.

Our aim is for students to have an overall understanding of what a large church worship department does and how they operate along with the why behind the what. We want to come alongside them to assist them in acquiring the skills and tools that will empower them to lead themselves well and thrive wherever their life takes them. They need to have a great attitude, a sense of humor and love for God and people.

Practical experiences include: learning to prepare services; administration duties; improving as a leader, worship leader, musician, creative and songwriter.