Student Life

SEU at Hope provides a unique student life experience consisting of on-site days at the Hope Fellowship Church campus, monthly chapel, leadership classes, group activities, mission trips, conferences, and serving opportunities.

Let’s Do College Together

Our weekly schedule for students is designed with you in mind. We provide a hybrid of flexible scheduling and schedule onsite activities and classes to bring students the best and most unique college experience.

The best part? We build community and accountability into every aspect.

Weekly Student Life

Every week on Tuesdays, students meet on campus for student life activities. This includes prayer, small groups, team building activities, serve projects, off-site trips and study hall.


Weekly Leadership Activities

Students attend a leadership activity every week that provides spiritual encouragement, challenging growth, leadership experience, and accountability through community.

Leadership activities rotate between chapel, leadership classes, and peer/mentor lunches. These activities are led by leaders from the Hope Fellowship staff and SEU students. 


SEU at Hope offers an unmatched on-campus student life experience that is amplified and supported by the hands-on training called “Practicum”.