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Live a life of purpose where your faith is the center of everything you do, build friendships that don’t expire on graduation day, and find the tools you need for a successful life.

We’re growing fast

Southeastern University has been named one of the fastest growing liberal art universities in the nation by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

While the main campus is located in Lakeland, Florida. SEU has expanded its reach and community by offering partner sites in churches across the United States.

The Application Process

Why SEU at Hope?

  • A variety of accredited degrees.
  • Affordable rates, with a cost that is half that of attending the main campus or comparable universities.
  • Hybrid learning, offering online and face-to-face classes.
  • Opportunity to apply education to hands-on learning, while earning practicum credits towards degree.
  • Christ-centered culture inside the classroom and faith-based leadership training from ministry leaders while earning degree.


Yearly Internship

Monthly Chapel Sessions

Flexible Scheduling

Leadership Training

Multi-Site Church

Vibrant Student Life

Close Proximity to Staff

Networking Experience

Mission Trip Opportunities

Close Discipleship

One of my favorite things about SEU at Hope is getting hands-on experience in your area of study and having your mentors right by your side to help you along the way!
Ben B.

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